Being stranded in the wilderness can be a terrifying situation, even for the most prepared survivalists. The first thing that you should do is to remain calm and then if you are able, search for sources of food and water.

The wilderness is home to a range of food sources, from animals all the way to fruits. If you are able to hunt, do so and make sure to properly cook your meat. Don’t consume any berries, mushrooms or plants that you don’t fully recognize — many species can be poisonous.

If you are able to safely establish a fire, do so with the intent of signalling for help. This can be especially useful if you are injured. As a survivalist, you’ll want to carry equipment with you for situations like this, so if you have access to flares, light them to attract attention.

Find a safe location away from predators if they may be present. Climbing a tall tree and fastening yourself to one of the branches with rope can protect you from ground-dwelling threats, but be sure to secure yourself properly.

If you find that your water supply is running low, then you may have no option but to drink from a river or lake. A water purification system is preferred, but if you lack one then simply boil water before drinking.