It can be one of the most exciting sports to take part in, but it’s also one of the most dangerous, mainly due to the excessive currents that are present under water. If trapped in these currents you can be pulled down and in a range of directions, and this has unfortunately led to many fatalities.

The first thing to be aware of is that you’ll need safety equipment. A life jacket for everyone on board, safety whistles to alert people of your location and a helmet or hard hat to protect your head from damage should be a priority. At this point, you’re ready to go.

The name white water rafting actually comes from the color of the waves. As currents are very strong, they’ll cause the water to churn, change direction and impact nearby rocks and riverbanks which results in the tips of the water being white.

The sport is very different from regular rafting because of the pressure taking place underwater. It’s enough to propel a raft to speeds well over 20km/h, as well as topple it in an instant, but when practiced properly, white water rafting can be a great experience for everyone.

Always practice safety procedures and get to know the extreme conditions that you’ll experience before trying white water rafting.