Who doesn’t love a bit of camping? Whether you’re on a solo expedition or camping with family and friends — setting up your tent properly can be the difference between getting a good night’s sleep and struggling to get comfortable. At the Outdoors Man, we’ve found out the hard way just how important it is to set your tent up properly (it doesn’t matter how stunning the great outdoors is, sleeping on wet mud isn’t enjoyable). Let’s take a look at a few key points that you’ll need to consider:

— Don’t pitch your tent at an angle. Even a slight angle can be a terrible decision, especially if the wind picks up.

— Secure your tent properly. Whether you use pins, hooks or rope — when no one’s inside the tent it’s just a lightweight piece of material and can easily blow away when you’re not looking.

— Ensure that all zips are working efficiently. The same goes for button-up tents. In the evening, all sorts of nocturnal animals come out to hunt and eat. Always zip your fly net or doorway to keep mosquitoes, reptiles and scavengers out.

— A soft floor makes for a better sleep. If you don’t have the option to sleep in a sleeping bag or air bed, dry grass is the next best thing.