At the Outdoors Man, we’ve been through a lot of hunting accessories on our trips! It’s just a fact; some things last longer than others and that’s never been truer than with specific accessories that you’ll need while hunting. Ammo for example — you can’t re-use it and it will need replacing as you run out, but what sort of long term accessories do we use that have stood the test of time?

Gun holsters — A range of sizes is a good idea for the avid hunter. We have several sets each and just interchange them depending on whether or not we’re taking pistols or rifles.

Camo — Without camo, it’s highly likely that your game will spot you before you spot it. Different areas are better suited to specific camo patterns; woodland for wooded areas, dark for nighttime hunting, etc.

Water purifiers — Most of us have been in the position where we’re dehydrated but can’t leave our trail in case we miss a potential catch. At the Outdoors Man, we’ll always take a water purifier system to filter any water to make it drinkable.

Reliable footwear — Without decent footwear, you’ll probably find yourself struggling with your footing. We always use heavy duty boots and they haven’t let us down yet!