The first thing that I’d like to say is that I’ve never come across such a stunningly crafted outdoors tool. From the edge of the blade all the way to the finely balanced handle, the Woodman’s Pal is easily one of the finest tools I’ve ever come across.

I’ve always been a fan of machetes and I’ve had to cut my way through more than a few branches in my time, but my favorite thing about the Woodman’s Pal has to be the fact that it’s so much more than a simple machete; it’s an axe too, with a solid, full tang construction that goes well beyond other machetes.

I wanted to see how effective the Woodman’s Pal could be so I set up a 19kg/ 14″ block of wood and prepared for battle. After testing the Woodman’s Pal with a few swings, I felt comfortable enough to swing with full force and my first hack from roughly 10″ chopped a 0.85″ gouge in to the wood. After 11 consecutive chops, I’d almost reached the centre of the block. I was a bit concerned about the black coating breaking away, but upon careful inspection there wasn’t a single sign of damage. A quick wipe with a soft cloth resulted in a perfectly clean blade that was ready to finish the job.

It’s great coming across such a well made tool and the company are every inch the proud American brand. It’s also reassuring to hear that the military rely on the Woodman’s Pal which reinforces its reputation and I know that I’d feel a lot safer with one of these at my side. Don’t miss out on the Christmas discount too and grab a Woodman’s Pal for your loved one today!

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This is easily one of our favorite outdoors tools. The Woodman’s Pal isn’t just an iconic machete/ axe hybrid, it’s also a proud American product with a history dating back to the first world war.

Whether you’re planning on adding it to your collection of tools, or if you want to implement it within your survival plans; you won’t be disappointed.