I actually came across the Spy Escape and Evasion franchize while watching Shark Tank and saw it featured. It’s written by Jason Hanson — an ex-CIA agent that notoriously defended himself from the Mafia.

I had to check out the techniques within the course as it covered a range of strategies that interest me. From escaping rope ties, duct tape and more, all the way to disappearing from the internet, self defense and CIA interrogation techniques.

I studied the escape methods in detail and learnt the tricks — the handcuff escape method was actually the quickest and I was able to slip free of them in 34 seconds. The rope and duct tape took slightly longer at 51 seconds, but still a great low time.

This is geuinely one of the most useful guides I’ve ever come across and I feel a lot more confident about my families’ safety now so please don’t hesitate to grab your copy

I wanted to test if the ‘disappearing act’ could really work and after studying the strategies I was able to wipe all traces of my name and contact details from databases around the globe using the spy tips provided.

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It’s never a good idea to be unprepared, especially in terrorist or survival situations, so improving your knowledge and accuracy is a win win on both accounts, especially if you’re keen to improve your chances of survival!