Before I get in to my review, I have to admit that the Redstone Combi Sleeping Bag was one of the most comfortable sleeping bags that I’ve ever slept in and it’s now a must-bring camping accessory for my trips.

I’ve tried plenty of redstone sleeping bags in the past, but this one features Redstone’s latest material technology which I hadn’t tried previously. The bag itself can be converted in to 2 single sleeping bags, or merged to sleep two people in a large bag. My wife and I tried both methods over the course of the weekend to check consistency.

Both methods are comfortable, with my wife and I having plenty of room the first night and then myself having room and even more comfort on the second. Both nights were spent in a tent and I was warm throughout, but with plenty of space to move and get comfortable.

Once ready to be packed away, the sleeping bags can be rolled into one or individually and take up a minimal amount of room and weight allocation (only 4kg in total). Overall, the sleeping bag is very impressive. It’s made of a comfortable material, has a spacious design and I loved the diversity afforded by this Redstone combi sleeping bag.

Further Information:

  • Double weight: 4kg
  • Single weight: 2.2kg
  • Material: 170 terylene
  • Chest pocket
  • Waterproof surface
  • Machine washable
  • Advanced layered technologies
  • Completely portable
  • Changeable shape to suit any tent size
  • Suitable for extreme weather conditions
  • Double filled layers for extra warmth
  • -5 degree temperature tolerance

The Redstone combi sleeping bag has to be one of the most technologically advanced pieces of gear that we’ve ever come across. The technologies that have gone in to this sleeping bag aren’t that disimilar to space-suit tech or high-end climbing gear, so considering the price this sleeping bag is a steal!