You wouldn’t believe how many stories we’ve heard about accidents and injuries being suffered while rafting; many of which would be completely avoidable if the right precautions were put into practice. There’s plenty of ways that you can improve safety for the occupants of a raft, so let’s take a look!

Wear proper safety equipment. These pieces of equipment include life jackets, helmets and cordless whistles. If the worst should happen, you’ll want to make sure that your team has the best chance of making it back on board safely.

Never exceed the raft’s maximum carry weight. The maximum weight restriction is there for a reason and having too much weight can capsize or sink a raft. Distribute weight as evenly as possible.

Decide on a chain of command. It’s not exactly a war zone, but in rough waters it can be easy to ignore the knowledge of your most experienced rafter. To avoid barking orders over each other, discuss who should be in control and then deligate responsibilites.

Never leave the boat in rough waters. This applies to calm waters that may possess a current that can’t be seen from the surface. Your raft will be streamlined to handle the waves, but your body isn’t.