Solid, expertly crafted, and fully functional are just a few terms that come to mind, as I handle the awesome chisel utility knife from Pro Tool Industries. Straight off the bat, I have to comment on the weight! At just over a pound, it’s like holding a hammer, albeit with a full tang, 1075 carbon steel blade.

The construction of the utility knife makes this one of the manliest tools that I’ve held — in fact I can’t think of another chisel from any brand that is as solid, sturdy and powerful feeling to swing. It’s completely comfortable however, and the handle is perfectly contoured. Throw in the hardwood that’s been screw-pinned in place, and you have a very versatile knife/ chisel.

The tool measures almost 11 inches. The blackened coat only adds to the aesthetic appeal, and the nylon-sheath is incredibly heavy-duty and holds the blade securely. There is a microbevel (at about 30 degrees) which I found helped to wedge the edge in place when taking to wood.

Using the tool was the fun part, and I decided to test it against a 4kg block of wood for good measure! It hacked and cut with ease, and even after 14 chops from three feet, there was no sign of damage or dulling on the blade. The ‘pommel’ has even been extended to allow for mallet strikes — and after a dozen more whacks, the paint only chipped minimally. The above image was after testing.

I can safely say that this is one of the most impressive chisels that I’ve come across. It is pretty heavy, but the sheath loop does help to balance the geometry and it fits very well around a nylon, or leather belt. All in all, great value for money and highly recommended for bushcraft. If you’re keen to use it for carpentry, I’d consider refining the edge , or removing the microbevel altogether and whet-stoning to a finer angle.