When you’re preparing for a hike there’s a few important things to consider; the first is what you’ll need, the second is if you’ll have enough of what you need, and finally is whether or not all of your equipment is necessary.

The chances are that you won’t go on the same hike every time, so different hikes will need different things. There are a few pieces of equipment that you’ll need for definite though, so let’s get to know how best to prepare them.

Your Boots — If you’re hiking in wet weather, the last thing that you’ll want is for your toes to soak through with rain or damp. You can easily waterproof your shoes by covering them in beeswax, which will dry transparent. Another option to keep the water out is to place a small plastic bag around your feet before putting your boots on.

Your Clothing — You’ll need some pretty rugged clothes to protect you from the elements. Whether you’re hiking in the summer and need  combat bottoms to make up for the lack of jacket pockets or if you’re hiking in the peak of winter and need insulation, make sure to wear the right stuff.

Your Backpack — No hike would be complete without a decent backpack, so keep it waterproof, secure and easy to carry.