Whether you have a military issue pistol or a long range rifle, keeping your firearm in good working order should be a priority. As time goes on and with consistent use, your firearm can begin to suffer with residue build up and even rust. The same applies if you’ve just grabbed your firearm from storage and haven’t used it in years.

We own a range of weaponry, from air guns and pistols, to long range sniper rifles and we spend at least a few hours a month taking our pieces apart and giving them a proper clean. So how can you make sure that your firearm is in tip top condition at all times?

Well ensuring that your firearm isn’t stored in a damp location can save rust from developing, but what if you don’t have a choice? Our recommendation is to use acidic cleaners that, when dried, will form a layer of protection over your gun barrel and other metal components.

Ensuring that your firearm is properly lubricated is a priority too, as rust can develop around joints, not to mention dirt making its way into the tinest crevices and causing blockages. Lemon juice and vinegar are ideal for cleaning away grease and dirt, while WD40 is a great aerosol that provides lubrication to joints and mechanisms.

When we’re finished cleaning our firearms, we’ll apply a layer of polish, not just because it looks good, but because it creates a protective layer.