Just like battery powered devices, our bodies can soon run out of energy completely if we keep up with our energy flow. As a hiker you’ll know that eating while on the move can lead to stitches in your stomach and aching pains as your body struggles to digest food on the move, so what can you do?

Well before a hike, being sure to consume plenty of food that contains high volumes of carbohydrates is recommended. Try to avoid expending any of your energy before a hike.

If you’re finding that even with the above technique that your body is still struggling to stay energized, then consider energy drinks as an alternative. They’re easy to digest and contain plenty of carbohydrates so that your body can enjoy an influx of glucose. Avoid over-drinking these drinks though as they can often have unwanted side-effects.

Fueling your adrenaline is another way to boost your energy levels. When triggered, your adrenaline provides an instant influx of glucose and other chemicals that can help to keep you active. A short run downhill or a gentle jog on the spot is usually enough.

Carbohydrates are one of the most important sources of energy for humans, so be sure to consume plenty and you should be good to go all day.