Long distance rafting has become very popular over the last few years and rowers of all calibres have taken up the activity to improve their performance. So what makes long distance rafting so challenging that a higher number of rowers have walked away from the sport? It’s probably down to the sheer level of endurance required to complete a course or trail, so how can you improve your endurance levels?

Well the first thing to remember is that endurance is just your bodies way of measuring it’s resilience when perfoming certain tasks. With a higher endurance, you’ll be able to tackle things that would wear down lesser athletes. Let’s take a look at a few endurance building methods.

Deep Breathing – This is very important as that extra influx of oxygen to your arteries and veins can help lower blood pressure and maintain energy levels in general.


Cardiovascular Exercise – A simple run for 5 – 10 minutes a day is a great way to improve your heart’s health, as is swimming and cycling.

Staying Hydrated – Drinking plenty of water has been proven to enhance energy levels by assisting blood flow as it travels around your body. 2L of fresh water is recommended for adults, but going to 3L should provide that extra level of endurance for your body.