There’s nothing worse than planning a long distance hike, only to realize half way through that you might not have the energy to continue. We’ve all been there and it can often put an end to a trip swiftly, so how can you improve your endurance without having to spend hours in the gym on a treadmill? Let’s take a look at Phil’s advice for his students when they’re working on their endurance for hiking.

Breathe Deeply

Did you know that breathing deeply can improve your blood pressure and expand your chest? That means that your heart will be able to control your blood flow and make better use of oxygen in your system.


Stretching both before a hike and during can help your blood to reach parts of your body that it may be struggling to. Extra blood means higher volumes of water hydrating your system to keep you going.

Staying Hydrated

Water is great for consumption everyday, but you’ll go through a lot more when you’re active. Top up your bodies’ water supplies often.

Eat Well

Carbohydrates are ideal for promoting energy, so make sure to eat before hiking and during if you’re able to take a break to eat.