There’s nothing quite as effective at improving your accuracy like a bit of target practice. Even if you’re a great shot, we’ve come up with a few techniques that help with firing a range of weapons; from bows to rifles. The first thing to bear in mind is that there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to hit your mark every time. Grant’s often showing off over how he can shoot a fly from a leaf at 75 yards, so let’s check out a few of his techniques.

— Hold your breath before the shot. This techniques is hugely effective. As we breathe, our bodies are continuously vibrating. Breathing in deeply and then holding your breath for half a second before shooting will make your shot much more precise.

— Think about the wind’s speed and direction. Some marksmen don’t mind shooting in the wind, but there’s no such thing as consistent wind and finding a gap to shoot is much easier. Just time your shot.

— Index finger balance. Whether you’re left or right handed, once you take aim lay the tip of your index finger from your other hand on the ball of flesh between your thumb and palm. You’ll be transferring balance from both hands with this technique to improve accuracy.

— Practice daily. Practice makes perfect, so line up a few targets and fire.