Up until recently I was using a self-made slingshot with a 30 yard range. I recently used the VERY100 full tang steel slingshot Annihilator and the results were hugely impressive. It’s full tang, antirust steel and able to shoot ammo up to 1.5cm in diameter.

After fitting my safety goggles, I wanted to test for accuracy, range and damage so I set up a line of 3 watermelons. After initial testing, I had to line up 3 more watermelons to continue testing due to the powerful slingshot. I already knew that this accurate slingshot would make a great hunting tool. I then stood in a clearing and tested for range with 2 of the steel balls provided.

The first ball travelled 101yds and the second flew just short of 110yds. I used 2 more balls to gauge accuracy at 30yds by targetting a 2mx2m sheet of plywood. Both times I hit center and both steel balls broke through the 0.5cm sheet.

For my final test, I took to the watermelons at 20yds. The first steel ball exploded the first watermelon beyond usability, with the next 2 following suit. 3 replacement watermelons reacted the same but this time at 25yds. With the remaining 2 steel balls I wanted to test damage against 4mm steel at 10yds. The first ball created a 2mm dent and the second dented 1.5mm. The VERY100 powerful slingshot is definitely one of the best that I’ve used.

Further Information:

  • Total length: 146mm
  • Handle length: 102mm
  • Width (max): 80mm
  • Thickness: 7mm
  • Ergonomic molded handle grip
  • Ammo: Marbles, rocks, paintballs
  • Heavy duty
  • Entirely waterproof
  • 12 steel balls provided