Being able to overcome a disaster of any kind is hugely important in this day and age. From finding safety after a natural disaster such as floods, tornadoes or earthquakes, all the way to protecting yourself and your family from crime and terrorist attacks.

So how can you recover from a disaster in as safe a way as possible?

1 — Learn to Control your Adrenaline

Whenever we feel fear or anxiety, our adrenaline levels increase and can often leaving us relying on instinct to survive.Simply take a few deep breaths and collect your thoughts.

2 — Get to Safety

Whether you’re at home or outdoors, establish a secure location and stay there until you are sure of what to do next. If able, try to search for authoritative locations as they will be equipped for emergencies.

3 — Don’t Panic

This point can’t be stressed enough; panicking will lead you to rash decisions and can often put you in danger. Stay calm and logical.

4 — If required, arm yourself. You have a right to defend yourself from harm, so exercise your right if it’s necessary.