If you’re brand new to the fishing scene there’s one thing that’s more important than everything else and that’s a fishing rod. Without one you won’t be able to fish! Although there are other fishing methods (hook and line for example), a fishing rod is an extension of your abilities and can be the difference between a bountiful catch and going home empty handed.

Finding the right fishing rod should be your first priority. There are so many options available to fishermen, from making your own rod, totelescopic rods, single pole rods and even connectible versions. Most fishermen favor a particular type of rod, but if you prefer to keep your options open, then that’s fine too. It’s important to remember that different rods have different strength capacities so make sure that your rod reflects the size of fish that you’re aiming to catch.

If the idea of boat fishing sounds good to you, then any of the above rod types will suit your strategies. If you prefer a bit of bank fishing however, then it’s important to gain as much reach with your rod as possible. That will rule out single-pole rods as they can often be very short and will limit how far you can cast your line.

The most important thing that you can do is to find a rod that suits your style of fishing.