Everyone loves sitting around a fire at night while camping. It’s great for improving the temperature and as a general attraction, but how can you make sure that your fire is safe and risk free? Well it’s not always possible to control a fire, but you can reduce the chances of it causing damage in general.

Consider purchasing or creating a fire pit. You can do this by digging in to the earth, anywhere between 8 and 24 inches deep, and then pressing the soil to create a pit. Then place your materials inside of the pit — firewood is recommended and can be purchased or harvested from your camping area.

When lighting your fire always make sure that the materials that are being burnt are completely secured within the pit. Don’t use foliage or paper as these can sometimes blow away in the wind and cause damage wherever they land.

If you’d like to add a little more security to your fire, then place large rocks around the edge of your pit before adding the materials that you intend to burn. Rocks won’t burn and will restrict the way that the fire can move. One of the most important things to remember when setting up your fire is to keep a large bucket of water close by. You’ll be able to douse your fire should it get out of control or put it out when finished.