As a climber, you’ll understand just how important your equipment is to your climb. Whether you’re free-climbing without ropes, or fully equipped to tackle a vertical cliff face; sourcing and maintaining your equipment properly should be a priority.

So what about if you’re new to the sport and want to know the sort of equipment to invest in? Well here’s a list of climbing equipment that we think you’ll need:

A Helmet — Even free-climbers wear helmets, so don’t go without one.

Harness — You’ll need one of these for a rope pully system.

Heavy Duty Ropes — Weak rope may snap, so always pack strong rope.

Climbing Boots — Rubberized and studded are a climber’s best friend.

Protective Gear — Just in case you take a few bumps and bruises.

A Flashlight — Make sure that you can see what you’re doing at night.

Gloves — These aren’t a necessity, but can provide better friction.

A Survival Kit — Should the worst happen you’ll want to be prepared.

Drinking Water and Food — You’ll need all of your energy.

These are some of the most common pieces of equipment and accessories that we take on our climbs. As an instructor, Phil is always encouraging his students to be as safe as possible and the above equipment is on all of his itinery lists.