There’s nothing more traditional than using a bow and arrow to hunt your game and they’re especially useful for hunting deer, rabbits and birds. The great thing about them is that they’re soundless, so they’re ideal for hunting trips that require stealth.

When you’re using a bow there’s a few things to bear in mind. The first is that your bow will need to be powerful enough to puncture flesh. It won’t be a good result if your arrows are only able to graze your game because you won’t be guaranteed a kill and the animal may suffer as a result.

Always go for strong bows with at least 25lbs of pressure as they’ll be much more effective at close range. The second thing to consider is how the wind will affect your shot. Too much wind will result in a less than accurate release, so wait for the wind to die down and then take your shot.

Unlike with guns, bows will need to be drawn back fully to benefit from a strong shot. Don’t risk snapping your string, but always pull back with no less than 95% capacity as the arrow will need enough energy behind the release to penetrate skin and bone.

Finally, alloy or metal arrow heads are the best option — wood heads may be lighter, but they’ll often lack the strength needed to be effective.