Unfortunately, in this day and age one of the most common threats is that of terrorism. With extremists all around the world, it’s important to know how to deal with a potential threat or act in the right way that protects yourself and your loved ones.

Consider installing bunkers on your land. These bunkers should preferably be built underground and contain enough food to last several months in case of a severe act of terrorism. The bunkers should also be reinforced and able to withstand immense pressure.

If you are present during an attack, then you should prioritize safety and escape above all else. Get away from the location if you are able and find a secure or authoritive building as soon as possible.

Prepare to defend yourself and your family. You have a right to bear arms against a serious threat in any country, so arm yourself if necessary. Remember that defending yourself is different from deliberately causing harm.

If you are aware of a potential threat, then alert the authorities immediately. Follow the instructions that you are provided and then find safety if necessary. Always remember that terrorists will often target vulnerable people and targets for enhanced impact, so protect yourself and your family and keep them out of harms way.