Did you know that 15% of potential catches are lost because the pressure of taking a shot can be too much for hunters? At the Outdoors Man, we’ve suffered immensely in the past and set about coming up with a few shooting techniques as a result.

Our veteran hunter, Grant, has shared several of his techniques here to help you when you’re about to take your shot:

— Relax. Nothing is more important than controlling your adrenaline. Too much excitement may cause your fingers to tremble, and too little will delay your responses.

— Hold your breath. We’re all giving off gentle vibrations as we breath; it’s our blood travelling through our bodies. Holding your breath before shooting will slow your heartbeat and reduce vibrations in your hand and wrist.

— Support your aiming hand. Use your index finger from your other hand and place it on your thumb joint. It will help your bodies’ balance to centralize. Gloves will improve this effect too.

— Close one eye. This is a tried and tested method and works every time. We all see from 2 angles which can interfere with precision, so just use a single eye to and then fire, just like with a scope or monocular.