Attacks can come from any angle and at any level of extremity, so being prepared for one is key to surviving the event. There are several techniques that can be highly effective when attempting to survive an attack, so let’s explore them now:

1 — Know the Type of Attack that you are Facing

Being mugged in the street is different than witnessing an act of terrorism, but our bodies undergo the same emotions in any instance.

2 — React Accordingly

If your life is in danger, then relying on instinct may not suffice. Learn to control your panic by breathing deeply and then proceed as needed.

3 — Prioritize Properly

Material possessions can be replaced, no matter how valuable. Don’t worry about gathering things that you won’t need; focus on the tool sand equipment that you’ll need to survive.

4 — Visit a local authority if you are able. If you need to report an attack, then don’t allow shock and trauma to stop you from finding justice. If you have just survived an attack, then seeking refuge at an authoritative location is a good idea.