One of the most important aspects for any survivalist to consider is how to store their food properly. Whether you’re stranded outdoors, if you’re on an expedition or if you suspect a terrorist attack to occur; being sure to store your food properly can be the difference between life and death.

There are several ways to store food, most of which rely on air tight containers. Although these are very effective, they won’t always work for fresh foods and being able to freeze them is a much better option.

At the Outdoors Man, we’ve found that one of the greatest ways to store your food is to find a good supplier that provides long life food that’s ready made. If we’re on an expedition, we’ll always bring several containers of food with us for the trip.

Larger containers are ideal for building a supply of food during the emergencies, whereas smaller containers are ideal for snacking on the move, or eating on a daily basis.

However you prefer to store your food, it’s always important to remember that if done so incorrectly your supplies will spoil and that goes for dry food like rice and wheat, too. To avoid this find air tight containers, use freezer systems or consider purchasing long life food.