Whether you’re fishing, hunting, camping or white water rafting; it’s hugely important to stay hydrated with fresh water as much as possible. You won’t realize just how much water you lose while you’re active and we understand that it isn’t always easy to carry a bottle of water with you on your activity, so what other options do you have?

Well at the Outdoors Man, we’ll never leave home for the outdoors without bringing at least one hydration system with us. You’ll probably recognize them from shows like Shark Tank, but just so that you know — they are a compact piece of equipment that many soldiers and sportsmen use to keep hydrated while on the move. They slip neatly in to your jacket, pocket or backpack and can provide you with hydration in an instant.

So how do they work exactly? Well you simply fill them up with water before your activity and then strap them to somewhere on your person. The systems come with a built in straw that can slide neatly under or over your clothing and you can then drink as little or as often as you like. They completely reduce having to carry a bottle or flask with you which means that you can keep your hands free too.

We prefer the comfort that comes with jersey hydration systems because they can be worn under your clothing and save having to strap the system to anything.