One of the most common methods for practicing rafting is with sprinting. Whether you’re trying to improve your endurance or taking part in a planned event; your sprinting capabilities will rely on your strength, endurance and skill. So how can you improve these attributes to help with your sprinting technique?

Well the great thing about rafting is that your paddle will train your arms as far as strength goes. The more you use your paddle, the more accustomed your arms will grow to the pressure. Practice makes perfect, so spend as much time rafting as possible for the best results.

Your endurance is a different kettle of fish, but it’s actually pretty straight forward to improve. Simple deep breathing exercises can train your body to make better use of oxygen and swimming will help to expand your chest and manage your blood flow for better endurance.

Your skill level will increase with experience, so the more time you spend rafting, the more knowledge you’ll gain from the activity. Focus on your weaker skills and find ways to improve them for better performance overall.

Always consume carbohydrates well before your sprint. Carbs provide energy and with them you’ll be able to push your body much harder.