Whether you’re an avid camper or interested in camping for the first time you’ll want to make sure that you sleep well overnight. It’s a huge change from sleeping in your bed at home, but that doesn’t mean that you have to have an uncomfortable night.

Your options are endless when it comes to sleeping outdoors — from using sleeping bags fitted with multiple layers to keep you warm, all the way to sleeping on blow up/ airbeds that can be even more comfortable than your actual bed; sleeping comfortably is an easy part of camping.

If you prefer to sleep in sleeping bags, then you’ll want to vary the type of bag depending on the weather. If you’re camping on a hot summer night, you won’t want to sweat in a sleeping bag that’s built to keep the warm in. The same applies for cold nights — you’ll want your sleeping bag to be solidly made and ideal for deflecting the cold.

So how about airbeds? Well they come in a range of sizes but are most commonly single and doubles. If you have an electric pump and access to a power supply, then that can take care of inflating the bed, but if not then a manual pump with adaptors will do.

Once your night time equipment has been set up, you’re free to enjoy your trip without having to worry about suffering overnight.