Whether you’re hoping to create materials from your catch or sell its parts; a huge part of hunting involves learning how to correctly skin your game. You’ll need a few tools and a few step by steps to follow, so let’s get started.

Materials Needed: Skinning blade, plastic sheet/ tarpaulin, air tightcontainer for cut offs and a few rolls of tissue or disposable towels.

Step 1 — prepare your game. Clean its wounds and seal any entry holes and then lay the carcass on its back, belly facing upwards.

Step 2 — remove extremeties (genitals, udders, etc) and then carefully slit from throat to base of tail, avoiding piercing the stomach and organs.

Step 3 — use your knife to separate skin from muscle tissue and then carefully separate the skin from sinew on the carcasses’ under side.

Step 4 — Turn the carcass and allow the blood to empty. Then flip the carcass with its back facing upwards.

Step 5 — Cut following the spine and then a connective line from each leg. Peel the skin away using your blade to separate skin from flesh.

Step 6 — Clean the pieces and then stitch back together if required.