As a hunter one of your most common pieces of equipment will be a trap of some sort. Whether yours are ready made or if you set them up on trail, there’s plenty to know about setting up a trap.

— Don’t make your trap too obvious. You should set your trap up in an open environment, but not too open that your game will avoid the area.

— Avoid leaving your trap unmanned. Certain animals are habitual, like elk and deer. Keep an eye on the trail to risk missing your opportunity.

— Make use of foliage and cover. The more natural your trap looks, the less it will look like a trap. Cover triggers with loose foliage and wait.

— Don’t over-install traps. Traps are bound to make noise; either themselves or the captured animal. Keep traps far apart to avoid triggering a panic and loosing out on catching more game.

— Don’t prolong the punishment. There’s nothing worse than an animal in pain, so keep things as humane as possible.

— Correctly fasten ropes. We’ve all lost that prize catch because of a hastily tied rope. Always make sure that the ends of your rope are securely fastened; the same goes for wire and ties.