Review of rods for ice fishing, a choice for sports and amateur fishing

Good afternoon everyone! I In this review, I would like to touch on the topic of ice fishing rods for jig fishing. I have a row of rods in front of me, they are all different, some more, some less, but they are different.

Active play with a jig and fishing in a standing position

As you know, you can fish with a jig in two ways, it can be done in large ways, of course, but I know about two. One way is to actively play with a jig, i.e. when you play with a nod, and the second is when the rod is on the ice and you are just waiting for a bite. This is the simplest, usually such grandfathers love to fish, but nevertheless. Here we will start with it.

Winter rods for fishing, as they say, on a stand, are usually always equipped with legs. I have several such models — such, such …

All these rods, let’s say, are not of the highest quality, and their only plus, in my opinion, is their cost, they are always extremely cheap, because there are no special requirements for them, they are needed only to store the fishing line, attach a nod to see the bite. They no longer carry any functionality, by and large.

Therefore, here the main ones are, of course, like that — with a pen, a coil, with a stopper.

Of course, they are spinning so-so, I had such a set of old ones, which are a hundred years old, but nevertheless — showed it to show.

If you are counting on this kind of stand fishing, the only thing I would pay attention to is the stopper, so that it works well. That is, when you bite a large fish, you had the opportunity to quickly release the line, otherwise you yourself understand, hook, bite, you start looking here, something like this here, it’s not very convenient here …

There are such fishing rods that switch from the side — they are more interesting … there are such stoppers …

It is also not very convenient, because they are not under the finger, but still from below … this also has to be looked for, and when you bite a large fish, you will not have this time. You will only play on the whip, which is not entirely correct and very often leads to a break.

In my opinion, the most convenient location for the stopper is the side stopper.

It is always under your finger, and when playing at any second you can press it without thinking for a long time and without looking for it. Therefore, if you are looking at a fishing rod where you need a stopper, choose with a side stopper, this will be the most optimal solution.

The main types of fishing rods for jig fishing

Fishing rods for jig fishing can be divided into several types, there are quite a few of them, but I have three main ones.

Winter open-type fishing rod

The first is an open type — this one with a handle, an open coil (in the photo below, 1), here is the same plan without a handle, ala the Finnish version (in the photo below, 2). I don’t like them very much. because when it gets into the snow, this snow freezes from above, freezes on the line, in general it is very inconvenient.

Axleless Ice Fishing Pole

The next type is such an axleless fishing rod. In principle, the design is quite interesting, but I do not like the fact that it does not spin very well.

Here, if, of course, the balalaika rod is made of high quality, everything works perfectly, it spins perfectly, — we just touched it with a finger, — it spins. For example, I catch if, at a shallow depth, there is a likelihood of a large fish biting without twisting the lamb, and in fact, I pull it out without any problems — that is, I hold it there a little bit with my finger and release it when necessary, that is, the line leaves, I pull it out. Learn more about how to equip a balalaika rod.

Those. these are the three main types of fishing rods for jigging.

  • There are also all sorts of such types as a frame rod — this is the Finnish-Swedish version of fishing rods.
  • fishing rod frame scandinavian version
  • finnish winter fishing rod frame

Here, the winding of the fishing line when playing fish goes to a metal frame, such a tackle is quite popular in Scandinavia, it has not become widespread in our country. We do not need this secrecy more often, so I don’t know, they are not popular … although in Scandinavia I went fishing many times, most people use such rods.

Manufacturing material

Now for the material for making fishing rods. Most often it is either plastic or foam with plastic.

Pure plastic — this is this fishing rod, one of my favorites, this is the most sporty option — the Yaroslavl fishing rod is called.

Naturally, this is the Chinese version of the Yaroslavl fishing rod, well, nothing worse, in my opinion, and in some moments even better — it is all completely made of plastic.

And accordingly, here is such a foam plastic and a foam plastic body (pictured below), inside a plastic coil — there is also a place to be, it is quite light.

And now the same completely plastic, — now it is already quite heavy … that is, I do not really like it,
because, in comparison with the same foam, it weighs, if not two, then one and a half times more.

When fishing with thin line, the weight of the rod matters. Because when throwing the line, if the line is thin, then you dropped the line when you play out the fish, and it flew away along with the line somewhere far away, simply cutting it off … so the lighter the line in this regard, the better. And accordingly, it is easier to pull a light fishing rod out of the snow, it buries there less.

Ice fishing rod

Another important point is a whip for a winter fishing rod. There are also several options for them.

Let’s start with the cheapest ones. Come to the store, take the cheapest fishing rod, most likely it will have just such a whip. Here I have a whip in my hands (pictured below) made of some kind of plastic, I don’t know the composition of it, so it was initially even such a curve … just a little bent it, — it will be the same with a bite, and he saved this one shape.

The whip, of course, can be bent back, but on fishing it is probably not worth doing this constantly after each bite … If, for example, the reel itself is normal, then it is best of course to change the whip.

The most optimal whip is polycarbonate, most often they are so yellow-green transparent, or so red. They keep frost very well, bend perfectly.

Polycarbonate whips can be bought, by the way, separately, they are often quite thick, but they are very well processed — either by scraping or sanding it can be brought to the desired diameter. And you can buy a ready-made whip in the desired diameter.

And now very often they began to put a coal whip on the bait.

Let’s just say it is a little harsh for me, but it is very thin, although this also has a minus, because all the standard nods that are sold have holes in the mounts that are much larger than the diameter of the coal whip.

Here we got out of the situation as follows, put the cambric on the tip of the whip, and now this nod can be safely put on. In this regard, it is normal. But I say again, I don’t really like that he is harsh, for me it is better to be softer.

Here is a whip on this sports fishing rod , I also don’t know what kind of material, some kind of plastic, but it is very springy, it keeps frost very well. For me, in general, this particular fishing rod for sports fishing is probably ideal, although on amateur fishing, I use just such a plan .