The world is full of protection policies and practices, but one fact remains the same wherever you are; if you’re being attacked, then you’re allowed to defend yourself. Now this doesn’t mean that a person has a right to end someone’s life, but it does mean that if you or your family are in direct danger, that you can defend yourself from harm.

So how can you make sure that you’re protected at all times? Well it’s not always permitted to carry a firearm around and it’s not advised either, but you can still protect yourself and your property from intruders.

Installing an alarm system is a great deterrent for intruders. Make sure to clearly display your service provider so that everyone can see that your property is protected.

Lock all access points securely. If an intruder can’t get in, they won’t.

If you own a firearm and possess a license, then you are entitled to store it securely in a locked compartment. If you are put in a life threatening position, it’s always advised to do everything that you can before having to rely on your firearm in the US. In other countries it’s recommended to prioritize defense over offense when protecting yourself and your loved ones.