With over 20 years in the sport our Outdoors Man Jackson has built up quite a collection of techniques when it comes to rafting! He’s here to share a few of his most valuable techniques that can make all the difference to both solo trips and team expeditions:

Strengthen your paddle arm. Stand on a riverbank where your paddle can reach the water and then thrust. If your force was enough to make you take a step forwards, you’re on the right track; if not, then practice.

Improve your balance. Spend a few minutes a day standing on each foot and try to rotate your body from side to side while standing. If you fall, just try again until you get the hang of it.

Manage your energy levels. Rafting take a lot out of even the most experience rowers, so stock up on your carbohydrates several hours before rafting and keep hydrated.

Don’t look around. Many rafters make the mistake of concentrating on what’s on their far left and right — these angles aren’t important. head straight and look in front of you; your peripheral vision will be enough to warm you of obstacles to your immediate sides.

Relax. As adrenaline-fueling as rafting can be, staying calm is much more effective for your activity and can help you to think clearly.