Whether you’re an experienced climber or an amateur just getting into the sport, you’re bound to realize just how important your balance is to your climb. At the Outdoors Man, our climbing instructor Phil has spent years working on his balance and he’s here to share a few of his techniques that have helped him along the way!

Tai Chi — Although this martial art is better known as a form of meditation, it’s actually ideal for helping with balance. The poses and maneouveres are perfect for improving overall balance and can help you to control your center of gravity in any situation.

The Flamingo Stance — This method is quite self-explanatory, but it’s worth practicing on a daily basis as it can help with balance more than most other techniques. Just stand on one foot for anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes, then do the same on your other foot.

Rope Skipping — Now here’s a child’s favorite that’s both healthy and useful. Skipping for a few minutes a day will help with your endurance levels, while improving your foot strength and allowing them to handle pressure; which is especially helpful for longer climbs.

Those are just a few techniques and there are plenty more, but of all that Phil’s tried, these have proven to be the most effective by far.