We’ve all heard stories about camp sites being left in terrible conditions, only to attract wild animals like bears that will stay close by for the next set of campers. This is why it’s so important to pack your equipment and resources properly when you leave a location.

Leaving wrappers laying around isn’t just going to attract wildlife, it’s going to have a negative impact on the environment, too. Whether you’ve been cooking over a fire pit or eating on the go; the bottom line is that you’ll want to protect the outdoors as much as possible.

There are certain things that you can do to ensure that your camp site is left as clean as possible and we’ll always make sure to perform these checks before we leave.

— Bin your waste properly. You can do this by using garbage bins provided or by bringing your own bags to collect your waste products.

— Douse all fires properly. Even leaving a tiny piece of material alight can be disasterous. Water will dry, so it doesn’t matter if you drench your fire pit — it’s better safe than sorry.

Bring the right storage. Freezer boxes, air tight containers andsandwich bags are a great way to keep your food fresh, just remember to pack them away when you’re finished.