Before I became a professional climbing instructor I had to improve my climbing level by several grades. I set myself a target of 6 weeks and wanted to check out the How to Climb 3 Grades Harder eBook by renowned climber Mick Ward. I really wanted to learn how to climb properly and as the author had guaranteed results; I was really keen to get started.

I started the test at F4 (5.7) which was really below where I wanted to be, so I focused on the climbing techniques and put them into practice on my indoors climbing wall.

After a few weeks I’d learnt plenty of climbing tips and methods that improved my climb several times over. The techniques are very straight forward and are a lot easier to follow thanks to the videos. The text content is useful too and makes for a good read before and after training — I particularly liked the methods that help with grip and finger strength.

By the time I got to my 4th week I’d improved my climbing grade to F7a (5.11d) which was great as I still had another 2 weeks to meet my deadline. By the end of the 6th week I was climbing at F7a+ (5.12a) and I still can’t believe how effective the techniques in this eBook are. Great for beginners and pro climbers alike.