Safety while hiking should be a priority, especially if you’re on a solo trip. Even in groups safety needs to be addressed too, so let’s take a look at some of the best safety methods that we’ve come across over the years.

Always carry a survival kit. These can be vital if you’re ever in an emergency, so keep a kit in your rucksack should you ever need it. The best survival kits contain cutting tools, bandages, signalling equipment and compasses.

Wearing the correct clothing is also vital for your safety. This includes boots, gloves and other forms of protective clothes. A change of clothing is also recommended.

Sometimes receiving signal on a phone isn’t always an option, but personal radios can transmit from even the most secluded locations. Taking a CB radio on your hiking trip can be very useful if you ever need to alert your fellow hikers of your location, or contact the local authorities.

Avoiding locations that look dangerous should also be a priority. The earth is constantly changing and being trapped under soil or rock can be terrifying and potentially fatal. Stick to pre-defined trails for safety.