With so many fish out there it’s no surprise that different species prefer certain baits over others. Bait itself comes in many varieties, from live bait such as worms and small insects, all the way to synthetic materials that rely on a combination of scents and textures to attract fish. Let’s take a look at the different types of bait and get to know what they do.

— Live bait. These types of baits as mentioned above are typically small insects, but when fishing for larger targets you’ll have the option of using squid, crabs and even other smaller fish.

— Natural bait. This bait typically includes bread, cheese or anything that you’ll find in the dairy isle; as long as it can be easily squeezed and shaped to be loaded on to your hook.

— Synthetic bait. These types of bait are very popular as they’ll often contain chemicals and ingredients that drive certain fish wild. Finding the right bait for your target fish can be hugely effective.

— False bait. These can be anything from reflective insect replicas tovibrating fishing lures. The main purpose of these types of bait are to trigger a response in predatory fish and draw them towards the attached hooks.