I’ve been hunting for over 30 years now and I’ve brought down my share of deers and bucks, so I really wanted to see if this hunting eBook could teach me something that I might have overlooked on my hunts.

It’s written by well known hunter Charlie Hicks and has detailed information on rut phases, locations and so on. What interested me most was the section on how to trap and take down a trophy-worthy buck and that’s what I decided to test. I read through the contents and headed out to the field to follow the plan.

I laid a trap and scent trail in the exact way described and climbed in to my stand to wait for a few hours. The deer were trickling through the scent trail like clockwork, easily 15 to 35 minutes apart.  When I saw a decent sized buck I took the shot. It was a nice 5×5, 162lb whitetail that made its way right to my bait.

Even at my age I learnt more than a few new techniques for baiting and hunting deer from this eBook. It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks and a few amateur friends have tried the deer hunting techniques I learnt with great success, too. I’d recommend this book even if it’s just for the info on stands and blind setup, let alone the other great hunting resources included. Last time I checked it was at a special reduced price, so don’t miss out.

If you’re keen to brush up on your accuracy and precision, why not download our FREE game hunting printable target template?

It makes the ideal companion for the above eBook and it could make all the difference to your hunting success. The weakest points of the game have been centered for your benefit and whether you’re planning on hunting rabbit or elk, you’ll be hugely advantaged with a bit of precision training.