We know plenty of hikers that have decided to wear their rgular shoes or trainers on a hike and have lived to regret it. Unfortunately regular footwear isn’t anywhere near as resilient as proper hiking boots and they’ll often get soaked, scuffed or destroyed, even after a brief hike.

So what sort of traits should you look out for when purchasing footwear for hiking? Well here’s a few of the attributes that we aim for and they haven’t let us down yet!

Waterproof boots — Finding boots that are made with a waterproof exterior is the right way to go, especially during cold and wet seasons.

Comfort — no one likes to walk for hours on end knowing that as soon as they remove their boots, there will be blisters at the very least. Comfort and versatility are 2 things that hiking boots should possess.

Resilience — it’s no good having a pair of waterproof shoes that crumble like a plastic bag under pressure; aim to grab a pair of reliable boots that are made from heavy duty rubber and leather.

Appearance — although this point isn’t as important as the above ones, it’s still important to note that bright yellow boots aren’t ideal for hiking. You’ll risk disturbing wildlife at the very least, so find a pair that help you to blend into your surroundings if possible.