We love that great feeling that you only get when approaching your game ready to check for a kill, but what can you do if your catch is still alive? Most of us have been in that position, whether due to a slightly-off aim or a resilient animal. We’ve practised several ways of taking care of your catch.

— Putting it down quickly. There’s nothing worse than seeing an animal in pain, so end it in a humane way. We prefer triage knives to put our game down as they’re quick and effective.

— Clearing the location. Animals are able to sense the scent of fear as well as blood. If you’re planning on catching more than one animal on your trail, then bag up your catch as quickly as possible.

— Always check that your catch is deceased. We’ve heard stories of hunters suffering severe injuries due to captured animals still knowing how to use their antlers and teeth, so always approach with caution.

— Clean any wounds. If you’re planning on harvesting your catches’ fur or body parts, stem the flow of blood with bandage to stop staining.

— If you’re hunting in an area with predators, keep an eye out as the scent of blood will attract them. Don’t drag the carcass, lift and store it.