There’s nothing more irritating than reeling your catch in and then losing it at the last minute. Whether it manages to wriggle free from your hook or break the line; you’ll want to reduce those chances as much as possible!

There are a few great ways to promote your chances of claiming your catch, so let’s take a look at them here:

Using a net — It might be a classical strategy, but it almost never fails. All that you’ll need to do is have your net positioned when it comes to lifting your fish out of the water. This is where your line has the most chance of breaking as the fishes’ weight isn’t supported by the water anymore, so poise your net under your catch and scoop it up.

With a fish pole — If you’re catching to harvest then this technique is great. Using a fish hook means that you’ll be able to snag the fish and it won’t be able to escape.

Traditional bucket method — If you’re hoping to keep your catch alive for a while, then having a water-filled bucket ready is ideal. Just remember to make a few air holes in the lid and then seal it.

So there we go, a few great techniques to help you claim your catch.