I recently grabbed a Chompers Twin Tail Grub via Bass Pro Shops to see how it compared to my other lures. I’ve used these types of soft body fishing lures before, but after learning a few new techniques I was hoping for awesome results.

The lure itself is made of a soft plastic rubber that bends easily which I was happy to see; I’d be targeting bass during testing and I know how they like their prey as realistic as possible. The lure measures 5″ in length and the tassles at the base of the grub are very flexible.

After 10 minutes with no bite, I decided to change tack and started to cast and reel, then repeat. Within the space of 5 minutes I had a bite. It wasn’t huge, but it put up a hell of a fight. This catch was a 4.3lb bass so I released it and tried again. About 6 minutes of reeling passed before I got my next catch and the struggle he put up would have gone well with some epic music.

By the time I got this bass on board (after a 4 and a half minute fight), I realized I’d caught a beast. Not the heaviest that I’ve caught (6.4lb), but easily on par with a few of my past trophies. By the time I headed home, I had one bass at 6lb, one at 4 and one just under. For a bass fishing lure, the Twin Tail Grub is pretty great. Just the right amount of aesthetic to attract predators and a couple of unique features to really give it the edge.

We’ve found a few similar grub lures on the market and after testing, this Chompers Twin Tail Grub has got to be one of our favorites. It’s been effective 90% of the time and the color range means that you can target specific fish with unique prey drives (blue for bass, green for carp and so on).

The tassels are some of the best quality we’ve come across and you can really see how much effort has gone in to each lure. From the molding process to the finishing touches; Chompers have gone the extra mile to develop a stimulating bait that’s as effective as it is affordable.

One of our favorite features is the resilient material that’s been used during production. We’ve all been there where lures fall apart after seeing the pointy end of a few hooks, but the grub’s material is very resilient and easily able to cope with continued piercing for long-term use before needing replacing.