Fishermen of all calibres have different techniques that they use when fishing, but if there’s one thing that they’ll agree on; it’s casting correctly. A good cast can be the difference between reaching your target or tangling your line.

So how can you ensure that you’re casting correctly? Well it’s actually a pretty straight forward process that’s often overlooked by fishermen. The first thing that you’ll want to do is hold the end of your line tightly in your strong hand, with your other hand holding your rod. Whether you’re sitting or standing the next step is simple and applies to both methods:

Rotate your body 45 degrees to the left or right (depending on your orientation) and as you return to a central position, use the momemtum to cast your line and hook in a swinging arc. Lean your body slightly forwards while your line flies and be sure to provide your rod a little extra reach by slightly extending your arm.

If your line is weighted or if you’re using a reel, this method will vary slightly. For weighted lines, hold the heaviest weight and the hook in your strong hand, with the rod in your other. Rotate slightly and gently flick your wrist away at an upwards sweeping arc; allowing your line to be carried by the momentum of the weight.