Using camo properly can be the difference between moving unseen or being spotted by your game before you get to catch it! Camo is used the world over and it serves one purpose; to help their wearers move with as little attention as possible. We use our camo for a range of activities, from fishing and hiking, to hunting and sports. Let’s get to know a few of the techniques that we use.

— Waterproof your camo. You can do this with beeswax by gently rubbing it in to the shoulder and chest areas. Wet camo is uncomfortable and can create a scent that animals recognize instantly.

— Don’t use washing powders with harsh scents. As above, animals can sense a change in scent from hundreds of yards away.

— Use your camo’s blending abilities and combine it with camo netting. Stick close to trees and avoid any changes in color that could expose your position, like grass-to-tree lines.

— Avoid zippable camouflage as the noise can alert animals to your location. Camo that can be fastened or buttoned is a better option.

— Don’t weigh yourself down. Use your pockets and pouches to store light accessories and try to keep metal away from metal. Any noise can alert your game and a heavy pouch will only slow you down.