As great as fishing along a bank can be, there’s no feeling quite like being out on the open water. At the Outdoors Man, we love fishing and take a boat trip at least once a month. We’ve caught some of our biggest fish on boat trips, but why is that?

Well it’s probably down to being able to reach depths that bank fishing just doesn’t provide. During our last trip, we used a few of the techniques in one of the bass fishing manuals that we reviewed recently with great success. Together we brought home over 30lbs of bass in just a few hours!

There’s a few tricks to boat fishing and the first is to find the right boat. Nothing too intrusive or colorful is best because that will scare certain fish away. Secondly, equipment should be a priority and we’ll take a wireless fish finder, multiple hooks and lines, and enough bait to feed a family.

Once you’ve decided on your fishing spot, approach it with as little fuss as possible. Any quick movements will alert fish and they’ll simply move. Sit tight for a while and just let the fish get used to your boat’s presence. When enough time has passed, cast a few lines and test the water. If nothing bites move on, but if you’re as fortunate as we’ve been recently, you won’t be able to stem the tide!