Fishing with a spinning is fundamentally different from other types of fishing, because the spinner needs to make multiple casts over a long distance. In order to simplify the process and improve the results, it is necessary to choose a spinning reel carefully.

    It should wind the line quietly and without jerks on the bobbin, which does not get tangled, torn or clinging to obstacles. You must agree, it”s worth devoting some time to the issue. Moreover, it”s important for beginners, just mastering the technique of fishing with spinning. 


    Now we are already looking in detail at the main characteristics, which are worth looking at in the catalog of good Shimano reels. If you plan to fish both in the sea and in a freshwater pond, you will not manage with one reel — you have to buy different reels. And It’s not just a question of the material, but also about the differences in hydrological processes in reservoirs, different fish behavior, etc. The best Shimano spinning reels for saltwater it»s a dream for every self-respecting fisherman.


    It depends on the size of the spool and affects the power of the reel: the bigger the reel, the more power it has to hold a big fish. It is measured in thousands: 1000, 2000, 3000, etc.

These numbers give an indication of how much and what diameter of line fits on the reel. If it says 3000, then the reel holds 100 meters (1000cm) of 3-millimeter line or 300 meters (3000cm) of 1-millimeter line. The whole world uses the size classification, which was compiled by the engineers-developers of the best Shimano spinning reels. For starters, you can just to remember: 

  • 1000-2500 — for small carnivores underwater dwellers; 
  •  3000 — the choice for heavy fishing conditions, for large specimens of fish;
  •  More than 4000 will help in catching larger exemplars that live in the seas and oceans; 
  •  2500 is a universal size. A little heavy, but about that later.


   This parameter correlates with the previous. The smallest size spinning reel will weigh the least. The lightest are the plastic models, which are chosen for ultra-light fishing, but they are fragile — the slightest nick will shorten the throwing range.

   Experienced fishermen prefer metal ones — the line glides on them by the numbers. This is reflected in the weight, but you need to get used to your gear anyway. As an alternative to the light weight and high quality, brand companies offer products made of aluminum, titanium, different strong polymer alloys — this significantly reduces the final weight of the product and does not interfere with the comfort of the spinningman.

Bearing system of the spinning reel

   Bearings provide a smooth ride and guarantee the rig’s durability. The quality of the bearings is much more important than the quantity: 12 poor quality bearings are the worst thing that can happen in life! 

Line capacity

    This parameter correlates with size. It was developed by German fisherman Stefan Bork, and the markings were invented by the same creators of best Shimano spinning.reels. The calculation of line capacity is a mathematical formula with constants and squaring, its explanation would take a whole article. For now, just pay attention to the letter C before the size and the letter S after it. Example: 

    C2500S, that’s size 2000, «C» is Compact body, «S» is Shallow Spool. If you see «SS», it means super shallow. They work with the thinnest cords and are used on ultralight reels.

Friction Brake

     Almost all spinning rods are equipped with them, but it isn’t always in demand among fishermen. This element is activated when catching very large fish or strong jerks — the reel with a good brake evenly squeezes the line. A distinction is made between a front or a rear brake.

Line roller

   The addition provides a good winding quality. We make it easier for the line to come off the spool evenly by tilting the BAIL ARM when casting the bait.

Gear ratio   

  The parameter indicates how many rotations the bobbin makes in one revolution of the handle. Beginners should ignore this indicator — for them it has a secondary role, because without skill and sufficient experience it is difficult to choose the gear ratio for your fishing technique. For experienced fishermen, most likely, the answer to this question has been found long ago: they know their optimum reel stroke. 

   In addition, all reels are divided into three types: inertial, inertia-free, and multiplier reels.  Inertial reels are a thing of the past for most fishermen, and multiplier reels are too difficult to use. Therefore, the most popular inertia-free one. The bail arm must be fixed in the line releasing mechanism.

   As you can see, there are many parameters that need to be taken into account so that your fishing is not spoiled. You should not focus on cheap noname— this is something that you should not save money on.

About Shimano

   You will notice that the classifications of most of the basic parameters were introduced by Shimano. It’s true. It is the flagship manufacturer of the top segment.

   Shimano is a Japanese company, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of bicycle equipment as well as fishing and paddling stuff. We won’t make much of a mistake if we say that almost half of all reels in the world (!) from the manufacturer Shimano Adachi Co. Ltd. Maybe we should pay special attention to it?

  You already know a thing or two about reels and can choose the best Shimano reel for yourself, but let’s look at a few items in the range.

   The main features of the models — the key to quality and the reason for their popularity:

  • PG — reinforced working pair. This is something that is peculiar to the best Shimano spinning salt water reels.
  • HAGANE GEAR — rugged cold forged drive;
  • X-SHIP— system for a smooth coil stroke at maximum loads;
  • G FREE BODY — the technology of shifting the center of gravity of the fishing reel closer to the rod;
  • S A-RB — technology that achieves high resistance to corrosion
  • AR-C SPOOL is a bobbin with a V— shaped edge design that allows the line to flow freely.
  • Cold forged aluminum spools are made by cold forging from billet aluminum. This process makes the bobbin lightweight, with a denser metal structure that increases corrosion resistance and durability.
  • The one-piece SR BAIL ARM is really a one— piece stainless steel of bail arm without any connections,
  • WP Drag (Waterproof Drag) is a technology that protects the friction mechanism from water ingress in the top Shimano spinning reels.
  • Dyna-Balance System 
  • Power Roller — Special Design of the LINE ROLLER Shimano
  • Varispeed II is the second generation of the Varispeed oscillation system.

Shimano Nasci

  According to many experts, this is the best Shimano fishing reel among the budget models. A sturdy and confident average. In addition to the basic advantages of Shimano, the COREPROTECT moisture protection technology and the newly developed HAGANE GEAR actuator are used.  Braking force is finely tuned. It”s possible to refer to the system of reverse locking of the second generation, rigid support of brake, enlarged handline, system of balancing «Dyna-Balance». Equipped with 4 shielded ball bearings + 1 roller bearing. It has an excellent soft running.   By the way, it was approved for use in salt water. This is one of the best Shimano saltwater spinning reels. The cost is $120—130.

Shimano Sedona FI

   The Sedona FI combines the developments inherent in the more expensive models. 

In addition to all the standard advantages of its predecessor, the Sedona FI features a striking design with titanium nitride coated coil, 3 bearings, non-switchable backstop.

    A slight increase in tooling weight is recommended. There is a modification with a double- knob handle — it’s a fascinating move! Size 4000 can be considered universal, and more robust design 8000 will keep you company when catching quite large predators. The cost is $80— 70.

Shimano Syncopate

 Four bearings, an advanced line-retraction mechanism, QuickFire stress-free throwing system. If you’re on a tight budget, this is what you need. Even the budget model is still Shimano. It’s about $50.

Shimano FX   

  The simplest are the front-driven 2500 and 4000, which are also the most popular. Closed type bearings, aluminum bobbin. Optimal and reliable tool that will not let you down at the crucial moment and can give you more than one season of quality fishing. Back stopper, line stacking system similar to the most advanced models. FX is distinguished by the small number of bearings, but not by their quality. Can cope with most spinning tasks, except for ultralight and overweight baits and casts on the ultra-long distances. The cost is $30—35.

Shimano Catana FD

  Two ball bearings and one roller bearing, backstop, excellent Dyna-Balance dynamic balance system, enlarged line setter. It”s ready to fight for big fish, you can safely go for trout. It’s about $55.


  Let’s philosophize. You have looked at Shimano reel reviews and concluded that you can add functionality to each, isn’t it?  Of course you can, but it will immediately affect the price. We are not advocates of saving up for years for a reel. Don’t let it scare you that these are budget options — while you’re raising money for the coolest reel, someone is catching fish…Your fish.